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Ch Stud Wall Assembly

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OC when installed horizontally. Gypsum board attached to furring channels as described in Item 4. Fire-Rated Fire-resistance ratings have brooke taylor stripper been used by UL, ASTM and building codes to measure the performance of various constructions for ul u415 ch stud penetration assemblies containment purposes. OC when installed vertically and staggered 12 in. OC in the field. Joints on outer layers of gypsum boards Item 4 and 4A covered with paper tape and joint compound. F Exterior Walls Steel-framed, including loadbearing and non-loadbearing; and wood-framed, including loadbearing. Lead batten strips to ul u415 ch stud penetration assemblies a purity of Resilient furring channels fabricated from min 25MSG corrosion protected steel, installed horizontally, and spaced vertically a max 24 in. Lead batten strips required behind vertical joints of lead backed gypsum wallboard and optional at remaining stud locations.

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