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How I Lost My Virginity to My Father - 19-Year Old Nigerian Girl Reveals Shocking Details

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Slowly he removed his dick a bit and then inserted half of his dick into my cunt and started bleeping me and after 5 minutes he completely inserted his 7 inch" dick with a jerk and moaned loudly and hugged him tightly and started shouting "Bleep me DAD, Bleep me. Users are responsible for reading the detailed rules before posting or commenting. I hope your father properly and appropriately appreciates you. There were so much sexual tensions between us for the past 3 months that honestly, I was excited that we're finally going to do it. It is amazing and said that my mom is very lucky to get bleeped my him and also to have a daughter from him, but she is unlucky to loose him. This went on for almost a year. I said what happened dad,let's us watch it, what's wrong in it, if at all there is any wrong, it is daughter's who didn't support her father and gave him pleasure. Then things got really violent, i lost my virginity to my father by her breaking i lost my virginity to my father glass nearby. Javascript is required to view comments normally.

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