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Vanzetti was looking for a project on which to teach himself on-line database programming using SQL Server, and this seemed like a natural fit, since they were both co-moderators of the newsgroup rec. IAFD gets "paid by sponsors for ad banners", and they "get an affiliate commission from products purchased" via the site. Retrieved 31 December The cut-off date of was a compromise gay porn movie searches include at least the titles of Buttmanwho was one of the most popular directors of the time. Ina data scientist named Jon Millward analyzed 10, performer bios on the Internet Adult Film Database and found that the 'typical' female gay porn movie searches star was not the fake-boobed blonde of the stereotypes but a five-foot-five-inch brunette with a B-cup. We're not interested in linking your real name to your porn name, so if your real name appears on the site, we will remove it assuming we know what your real name is. The survey covers gay porn movie searches a year span of the adult industry and presents statistics on categories such as age, race, state of origin, chosen screen name, biological data height, weight, hair color, etc. Retrieved 21 February Retrieved 3 December

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